Introduction Roboticare.

The care landscape will change dramaticaly in the coming years.

1.The number of people with disabilities is increasing, and these are mostly elderly. People must live more independently in the future. In their own home or in a small facility with care on demand.

2.On the other hand there is an increase in the number of patients with complex, multiple health problems and chronical diseases. Those people need specialised care in hospitals or nursing homes.

Robotics is a promising technology that can help keeping the level of care as we know it now and would like to maintain, despite the aging population and the declining availability of health personnel in the future!

It makes an important contribution to the sustainable employability of workers in health care, while the independence of the client is increased.


Erwin Vennik Roboticare

About the founder.

Roboticare was founded by Erwin Vennik.

He is originally marketer and comes from the world of consumer durables. Since 2004 he has been active in the healthcare sector.

In the Netherlands, he is particularly known for the widespread introduction of Ergocare Guldmann ceiling-mounted patientlifting systems in nursing homes, rehabcenters and hospitals.

Especially for private users of this kind of innovative lifting systems, Domicare was established in 2005. To make ‘longer live at home’ for people with disabilities and their caregivers more feasible.

After this successful launch, he has focused on the theme of hygiene. He introduced the fully automatic mechanical cleaning and disinfection systems for healthcare aids such as wheelchairs and hospital beds. The company RehaWash Systems is a household name in eg Denmark, Finland and Germany.

In the field of ‘safe patient handling’ he is the driving force behind the development of the Staid. A special lifting device, sold in the USA and Europe.

Based on the changing picture of the future and the role that technology plays in it, Roboticare was founded in 2014. Roboticare focuses on healthcare robotics and assistive technology.

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Bridging the gap !

Roboticare acts as an intermediary between the care recipients (consumers), the providers of care (care givers) and manufacturers of assistive technology. Care institutions, universities and manufacturers must meet to jointly identify promising collaborations and applications.

Based on over 15 years experience in advising, selling and implementing (innovative) care aids, Roboticare bridges the gap between ‘consumer’ and ‘producer’.

Roboticare helps implementing these products and processes into healthcare facilities. We not only deliver the products, but work together on education and training of the people in the entire chain; from innovative idea to implementation at user lever. Including maintenance and repair !

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